Past Life Reading Portraits | Hypnotherapy Services Santa Rosa, CA

Past life paintings by artist Anne Vernon and Hypnotherapy services in Sonoma County by certified Hypnotherapist Anne Vernon. 

There has never been a pairing of talents like Anne's fluid and artistic use of hypnotherapy & portraiture…a rare combination of artist & hypnotherapist. The result: a unique, fundamental portrait emerges of your soul through this collaborative process. It is your interpretation of your subconscious, and your own self-healing power of the freeing Hypnotherapeutic process.

Cassandra    Encaustic, Graphite, Watercolour, Pan Pastel, Ink  18"x24"                 Click Image to Enlarge

Tree of Life#2   Encaustic, Graphite, Watercolour, Pan Pastel, Ink  18"x24"                 Click Image to Enlarge

Past Life Portraits via Past Life Regression:
Includes 1 to 2 Past Life Regression Sessions
& Portrait of your Past Life.

A resonating image...
                          a portrait like no other....

Please call for a consultation to achieve the best personal Past Life Portrait  for you.

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