Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy (QHHT) Session

Dancing In The Wind
Watercolor, 22x24

I gave a QHHT session to a young woman, who gave me the gift of awe. She had been in the foster care system, and had lived with 50 different foster families from the age of 4 to 18. She was now a mother of a 14 and 16 year old, single, and was a self employed housekeeper. She made a good income, and traveled two hours to have a session with me. She felt her throat and back were having problems due to her belief system, and wanted help.

Her mother had committed suicide in 2003, and her brother (one of two), had done the same thing the next year. Her mother had suffered isolation, drug abuse, and depression. And sadly, this young woman did not even know if her father was still alive.

Whew. Yet in spite of all this, she told me she had had a pretty good time in foster care, and met many people she liked. However, she missed being in a caring, traditional family. I started the session by honoring her, telling her that a soul that comes into life with such a path, is learning a master lesson, and that I felt grateful to work with her. 

During the session, she had a life as a 10 foot + tall translucent woman in a glove-like suit with exotic symbols all over. She was tasked with observing and recording whole populations from other planets, move-transition-evolve. Then when she went to the last day of that life, she was presented with a richly engraved golden door and a golden key. She was unable to open the door, as she felt she was unworthy to be there, that everything was "too beautiful", "too far above" her. She was frightened and intensely humble, completely paralyzed. I realized I was dealing with a soul in this current life, that was unaware of her beauty and her power. She asked me for permission to open the door, and I gave her the assurance that she was perfect, and possessed that power within herself. 

She then was suddenly on the other side of the door, and before her was a beautiful golden book, open, with inscriptions of gold. She again felt too humble to touch it, and again I gave her the assurance that she was perfect, and had that power within herself, and that she was WORTHY. That was the key, her underlying belief that she was not deserving, but what a beautiful, strong, humble person she is. She was able to access that book, absorb its love, and speak with her oversoul. It was astonishing to hear her SC talk to her about her value, that she needed to love herself, not be so hard on herself, and how her journey was valid and strong and good, and nothing was wrong with her back but anxiousness and stress. The SC gave her soothing, caring remedies, and a key word to stop her need to smoke, and sooth her throat.

It was an extraordinary session. I came out of that session thanking her for letting me be part of it.