The Tree of Life: I paint it, and use it metaphorically for past life regression

Tree of Life #1,
18"x24" Encaustic, Pan Pastel, Graphite, Oil, Ink                


Why the Tree of Life? 

This is an image that has always been close to my heart. I continue to be fascinated by  Trees of Life, and the iconic meaning behind them. 

The Tree of Life is a tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit imparts eternal life. And as we are all eternal in our energetic bodies, it made an iconic metaphorical contribution to my hypnotherapeutic process for my Regression, QHHT, & Gestalt Dreamwork sessions.

It is an archetype identifiable to all. I just gave a Gestalt Dreamwork session, and my client returned to a vivid Out Of Body Experience (OBE) she had had. In it, she experienced a tree that she became entangled in with two other people in the OBE. The Gestalt Dreamwork process helped her to interpret the purpose of her OBE, and if that really was a case of being caught in the tree.

So extraordinary on many levels. I thank her for her exploratory nature and willingness to examine life at the subconscious level!

I am working on two more Trees of Life. One is of a male, and the other of a male & female wrapped around each other, forming the trunk. 

Take care, and those of you who do, happy OBEing! For those of you who don't but want to embrace or study the concept, contact me for an appointment.

Tree of Life #2,
18"x24" Encaustic, Pan Pastel, Graphite, Oil, Ink 

In private collection. 2014