Out of Body Experience Techniques

Out of Body Experience (OBE) Training

Why does someone seek an Out of Body Experience (OBE)? OBEs, sometimes called "Astral Projection",  are a natural experience, often happening spontaneously in children and less often in adults. My two reasons for experiencing them:  
1. They lead you closer to discovering who you truly are as a spiritual being, and not just as a being in this physical world.
2. As you experience yourself as a spiritual being, with a less dense body than your physical shell, you will lose the fear of death.

OBEs are often compared to "NDEs", or Near Death Experiences. NDEs are rare, but highly written about. They occur from an illness or traumatic physical catalyst, where the person may have actually been declared dead, but comes back to this world. People who experience NDEs speak of life changing reframing of their view of reality and what is important in their lives. With OBEs, and practice, a practitioner can readjust their attitude to this life into a positive, evolving path, consciously seeking illumination. Once experienced, the process is a revolutionary opening of the mind and spirit.

The perception of astral traveling can sometimes be viewed with fear, because there may be a misconception that one may not be able to return to the body. This is untrue, and we can come back by simply thinking of our physical bodies and hearing present time noise. So Blessings and onward to travel beyond the body!

$150: Individual sessions are an hour, with the introductory session 1.5 hours. *See below.

$1200: Program is 10 sessions, 1 hour each. This is a package that is a commitment of 10 weeks, but there is flexibility for individual scheduling needs. It also is a reduced rate per session, with an overall discount of $400.00. The package must be prepaid. 

First sessions are an hour and a half: continuing sessions are an hour.


This training may be taken as an individual session, but needs at least five to prime the subconscious for the experience.

This is a novel approach to OBE training, incorporating Clinical Hypnotherapy to the discipline, which speeds the experience and acts as a jumpstart to accomplishing the OBE.

The ten session program is a comprehensive method of training the subconscious to reach the goal of the Out of Body Experience. Including are recordings of the sessions for you to continue to train at home.


Group trainings available.