Past Life Reading Portraits

I can look at a person, and see another time, another life. When I looked at this beautiful young woman, with a face like cut glass, I could not NOT paint her. The 17th Century embraced her in the luscious, romantic dress she deserved.

Time Period Portraits: The more I hear my clients' stories under hypnosis, the clearer their souls shine through to me. It has been surmised that we often carry physical characteristics from one life to another, as well as psychic wounds. Whether metaphorical or embraced in another way, our soul stories and the soul portraits I love to do, open up a rich panorama of love, kindness, and respect for the human condition. Our energy reverberates all around us and shimmers in my thoughts.


Cassandra Graphite, Watercolour, Pan Pastel, Encaustic, Ink   24"x18"

A resonating image...

Please call for consultation as to what hypnotherapy session would work for you to achieve the best personal Time Period Portrait for you.


A portrait like no other...