Case Study: Why a Past Life Portrait

A Mother's Love Graphite, Watercolour, Pan Pastel, Encaustic, Ink   24"x18"   Private Collection

The healing power of past life regression, interpreted metaphorically or embraced as reality, is a pure process that allows our subconscious to heal and find our path. Combine that with a portrait of your unique experience in that past life, and you have a profound reminder of the journey and the lesson you have traveled, sparked by your own imagination.

Case Study: "A Mother's Love" shows a past life regression experience with my client Janice King, in which she regressed back into a small community of Quakers in mid-1600 Denmark. What she wanted me to paint was the deep, loving relationship she had with her mother, an older, devoted woman, who doted on her seven year-old only child, spending the sweet days painting and keeping house in an intensely loving environment. Out the window, you can see a classic Danish windmill. Janice's regression included three other scenes in that life, some harsh, others loving. But these were the moments that touched her the most, and made her teary-eyed when she viewed the painting for the first time. 


From Kentucky - I was most fortunate to have a past life soul regression guided by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Anne Vernon. The beautiful language she spoke, combined with her gentle, reassuring manner and her nurturing voice, guided me  into a safe and comfortable relaxation and then inward to a spiritual journey in which Anne guided me through scenes of a significant past life. I had a clear sense of my greater self and my purpose in the past life as well as my current life. Through my  session with Anne, I gained new insights into my soul's journey and came away with a greater sense of peace and understanding. Thank you, Anne! 


From California - Anne Vernon is an exceptionally talented artist. But more than that, she will help you look within, and her portriature reflects that. The soft voice and steady assurance allows you to relax and journey to your inner self. I felt calm and centered after just one session.
Mary Jenson