Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing

My chakra bowls are all over a century old, made from 7 metals: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin & lead. During the creation of these bowls, prayers and chanted mantras were offered in support of their healing intention, and for inspiring the awakening of consciousness.

Tibetan Singing Bowls work by resonance and vibration. The sound vibrations & harmonic resonances are transmitted into our blood, organs, tissues, and cellular membranes through the 70% water in our systems.

Sound is energy. Sound is vibration. Some of the most harmonic, beautiful, and effective sounds that I know are produced by my singing bowls. You will feel incredibly peaceful and relaxed, deeply meditative and content. The bowls can be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy or completely by themselves, and the treatment always feel too short.

$130: Regular Session Rates. *See below.

*Hour session

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing